Our Year on the Farm – 2015

I’ve been taking these last days before the New Year to slow way down, reflect, and dream of what I’d like to manifest in the coming year. After the fast-paced preparation for the holiday season, this time of quiet reflection is essential and has been bringing me a lot of joy.

It makes me wonder — how can I keep this appreciation for quiet reflection alive throughout all of next year?

Today I began going through some of our photos from the year and I have to say: none of the reflecting I’ve done comes close to the way I feel after going through our photos.

Wow –  we have accomplished A LOT.  It’s so hard to realize all that is going on when you’re in the midst of life.  Looking back, I feel such joy at what we manifested this year and the beauty of our life.  I couldn’t ask for more.

This was our first full year on the farm, and FULL it was!

Winter 2015

This winter was full of home-baked foods, beautiful sunsets and blue evening light, dreaming for the year ahead, and lots of snow — it was a cold one!


Spring 2015

As the snow began to melt, we started getting serious about our garden plans.  The Spring Wellness Box debuted and we tried our hand at maple syrup production.

We got our first chickens!

As the first spring plants emerged, we began our vegetable starts in our sun room (the chickens happened to be in there, too!).

As the chickens outgrew their home in the sunroom, they moved into a chicken tractor assembled by Mr. LF and my dad.

The bee bus arrived and we started our adventure into beekeeping (we’re really hoping they survive this winter!).

We started to break ground and sheet mulch a large keyhole garden.

We also made progress on my medicine wheel garden.

Summer 2015

We brought Leena and Scooby home in the back of a Prius C.  We decided to learn about goat keeping this year. Next year we’ll start the milking adventure.

And then we brought home little Vincent!


We also began hugel swales for an orchard, redesigned the old raised bed garden made by the previous owners, and started to see growth in our cold frame.

Then the harvest really began!

Herbs were gathered, the Summer Wellness Box was released, we began attending the Chardon Farmer’s Market, and we got a farm sign!

We had solar panels installed that are covering all of our energy needs.


We hosted our first retreat here for the Emmaus Community. IMG_2463.JPG

I had a few groups over for classes.

Our chickens began to lay eggs!  More than we can eat, really! And my father-in-law made an awesome new nest box.  Cora has a blessed childhood!

Autumn 2015

Apple picking season began!

The keyhole garden really became productive!

We hosted our first WWOOFer.


The Medicine Wheel garden became fruitful, too.

The leaves on the trees began changing colors and the Autumn Wellness Box debuted.

The harvest continued and we began planting woodland medicinals in our forest.


I attended a number of holiday craft shows and was delighted to be chosen as a seasonal vendor at Holden Arboretum’s Gifts from the Heart of Nature show.  I sold out of the first batch of Winter Wellness Boxes (round 2 will be released mid-January!).

We haven’t had much snow yet, but in many ways Winter has begun. Our Winter Solstice and Christmas have been lovely and filled with magical moments.

We are blessed!

Happy New Year!

We hope you can join us on the farm in 2016!  If it’s half as productive as this year has been, we’re in for an amazing year!



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5 responses to “Our Year on the Farm – 2015

  1. Reblogged this on These Light Footsteps and commented:

    I had fully intended to upload these photos to the blog, but mistakenly uploaded them to the main Light Footsteps website. Instead of doing everything all over again, I hope you’ll hop on over to see this post in its entirety – I think you’ll truly be inspired by our 2015 on the farm!
    Come join us next year!

  2. Peter

    You are all very blessed!!

  3. dianebennett

    Congratulations on the amazing progress you made this year 🍷🍷(clink!).

  4. loved your beautiful photos and so impressed with all your accomplishments. You have created a sort of “natural magic” from an outsiders point of view.

  5. Wow! What a year you’ve had. I’m just sitting here in awe. No wonder you wanted a few days of quiet. Such an inspiration. And to watch your little miss grow so much. You are truly blessed my friend. Here is to another amazing year for you and your loved ones. xo

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