Botanical Wellness

At Light Footsteps, herbalism is about much more than using plants in the same way we use pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbalism is a lifestyle where one listens to the Earth and learns to hear messages about preventative healthcare and healing.  We do this by grounding our rhythms in nature. We understand food as medicine and use plants as our allies in health.

From this place of conscious awareness, we are able to benefit from plants to help heal physical and psychological imbalances.

IMG_0826We grow herbs using organic gardening methods and within a permaculture framework.  To support our family, we sell fresh and dried herbs as well as handcrafted herbal products.

You can find us at local markets and in our Etsy shop.  Our products for women’s health can also be found at The Womb Wellness Center.  We have also recently begun a Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) project which is similar to a CSA, but focuses on seasonal shares of botanical wellness products.

Currently, we are offering shares of our homemade or hand-selected herbal treats four times a year for each season.  You can learn more about our Winter Wellness Box HERE.  You can also buy a year’s subscription at a discounted rate here.



IMG_4320We also provide seasonal herb walks and educational classes to help people learn about the plant medicines growing in our area.  Visit our workshops page to find a list of classes and learn more about using herbs to support your health.

As we move forward, we hope to become a United Plant Savers sanctuary to help protect endangered and at-risk plants of the Midwest.  We also hope to host WWOOFers to assist us in these efforts.

Past Botanical Wellness Boxes:

Autumn 2015


Summer 2015

Summer Wellness Basket

Spring 2015

spring wellness

Winter 2014-2015


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