The Farm

Light Footsteps Farm was founded in 2014 and is growing to be a model permaculture farm and learning center.  We hope to showcase projects and lifestyle changes that are practical, fun, and sustainable. 

We keep the three permaculture ethics including care of EARTH, care of PEOPLE, and FAIR SHARE in mind with each of the projects we undertake.  We believe that permaculture is at its core a lifestyle modification that will lead to happier, healthier people, and a thriving planet. 

Christine and Michael during their PDC with Midwest Permaculture

Christine and Michael during their PDC with Midwest Permaculture

Our focus is on lifestyle modifications and projects that can be done within individual homes.  Therefore, we aim to showcase and host workshops related to:

  • Backyard Permaculture Farming
  • Food Preservation
  • Traditional food skills: bread & yogurt making, fermentation
  • Soap-making, candle-making, DIY cleaning supplies
  • Rocket Stoves
  • Natural Building
  • Composting, Vermi-Composting
  • Water management
  • Coexisting with wildlife
  • Reclaiming Radical Homemaking/Domestic Goddess Support

We also have experience within the urban environment.  Workshops taken at Light Footsteps will help city-dwellers and suburbanites to establish a permaculturally-oriented lifestyle as well.

United Plant Savers

In 2015, we were accepted as a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary. United Plant Savers is an organization dedicated to restoring and educating about at-risk and endangered medicinal plants.


The Light Footsteps Dream

We envision healing gardens that grow food, medicine, and that also lift spirits while providing places for people to play.

We imagine a life where work is done from the heart and there is time left over for family, friends, and relaxation.

We work for a future where people remember our innate connection with the natural world and see the spiritual force in this.

We understand that the health of humans is intimately connected with the health of the land that sustains us.

We remember and want to rekindle a time where people followed their callings, worked in community, and felt that their lives were worth living.

We hope that you will join us!


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