Come Learn at Light Footsteps!

We host and teach classes related to green living, herbalism, preventative healthcare, homesteading, and sacred birth.

Please contact us at theselightfootsteps (at) to discuss any of the programs listed below.  New programs will be added shortly.

Homesteading Skills

Learn skills of self-reliance…

  • Jam and Jelly Making
  • Food Preservation
  • Cheese & Yogurt Making
  • Stock from Scraps
  • DIY Home Cleaning Products

People’s Herbalism

Take charge of your family’s health! Learn the basics of identifying and connecting with medicinal herbs and turning them into useful medicines!

  • Medicine Making Basics including tinctures, honeys, vinegars, salves, and infusions
  • Join us for weed walks to get acquainted with the medicines that grow around you naturally!


New to permaculture? Already familiar? Come learn and explore with us!

  • Rain barrel workshops
  • Vermicomposting workshops
  • Planting for wildlife
  • Kitchen garden basics
  • Urban permaculture

Reconnect with Nature

  • Learn about plants in Northeastern Ohio
  • Participate in Citizen Science Projects
  • Visit our healing gardens

Sacred Birth

How we come into this world matters.  We currently are in a paradigm where birth is seen as something that is traumatic, painful, and terrifying.  It is also deeply wasteful and expensive.

Although modern technology is wonderful to have in cases of emergency, part of moving toward an Earth-centered culture will also require us to evaluate how we bring our babies into this world.  After a tremendously beautiful pregnancy and birth, we feel it is our gift to offer guidance to women and/or couples looking to do the same.

Christine is certified to teach Sacred Pregnancy mini-retreats, and is available for groups or individual consultations.  She is also passionate about herbs for pregnancy and birth.


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