Sacred Birth

We live in a culture where birth is often viewed as a medical event that is painful, traumatic, and frightening.  At Light Footsteps, we believe there is another way to experience birth.  Birth should be a transformative, spiritual event where women undergo the deep work of moving from maidenhood to motherhood.  Ideally, birth should also be a welcoming, loving, and warm experience for the new being coming Earthside.

We believe all women have the choice to birth where they feel safest and will be most supported to welcome their baby.  We also believe that a return to honoring women and babies is one of the key transformations that must take place to move toward a sustainable, Earth-centered culture. 

After the birth of our daughter (read our birth story here), Christine became passionate about helping other women reclaim their sacred birthright to find joy and love in the pregnancy and birth process.  She is close to reaching certification through the Sacred Pregnancy movement to lead a 2-day mini retreat.  Currently, there are a variety of herbal remedies and support available for pregnant and postpartum women in our shop.


In the future, Christine is interested in teaching more birth education classes and may train to become a doula.  Currently, she has researched a lot about pregnancy, birth, and gentle parenting and would love to help you in any way she can.  Please contact her at theselightfootsteps @ for any questions or to arrange a Sacred Pregnancy workshop.

Please also see: Why We Chose a Homebirth


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